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Start Your Faith Walk

A Course For The Path To Feeling Whole

"God made us full of heart, no wonder it hurts so much when the very things we love the most are ripped away from us causing us to suffer.  It's easy to write uplifting words about suffering.  It's much harder to live those words.  But there are gifts in everything.  Through the hard, stuck, immobile, souless days, I have learned what the good days feel like.

The good days usually aren't anything extraordinary unless you count feeling whole an extraordinary day."

                         ~Angie Montgomery, Faith Walk



Faith Begins With A Single Step

This program centers on themes from the book which encourages those who are facing transitions in their lives to keep going. With change, comes an opportunity to recreate your story and your life. This series is designed to engage the participant in creative ways to look at life from a different perspective towards finding peace and healing in the midst of change.


A Private Group For Guidance

Faith thrives in community.  Access to this group is granted to course participants & past course participants (details here).  Receive guidance and onging support from Angie herself on continuing your faith walk. 

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