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Mediumship Demystified

What is it like to be a medium?

For me being a medium comes with a certain level of responsibility. Take the other evening for example. It was a Sunday evening around 8pm, I had just finished working, it was my fourth twelve hour day in a row and I was looking forward to a quiet evening hoping to get to bed early. But God and spirit had a different plan. As I finished up with my last client I began to feel two spirits with me. They weren't related, however, they were both wanting to speak to their loved ones. One was a young man who had taken his own life recently and I knew his family needed to know he was okay and in Heaven.

I felt the nudge God wanted me to get on Facebook live to deliver his message. I was told a female would be listening to my live and she would get the messages to his family. So like a good steward of my gifts I listened. The female was on the live and she did deliver the messages to his family. Shortly after the live I received confirmation of the messages I had given to include blue & white balloons they had at a party that day, age he passed, the way he passed and the initials of his name. I also received a message from his family saying I described their loved one 100%.

Why do I bring up this story? Because it's one of many. It's why I do what I do. Being a medium is a gift. And it's an honor for me to do the work I am blessed to do. We are all good at different things. Some of us are good at sports, others music or crunching numbers. I just happen to be good at speaking to Heaven. Yet I have so many people who come to me looking for me to prove something to them. And that's not a role I will ever take on. I am here to help people heal. I always joke with those who are skeptical that one session with me will change their mind (and maybe even their life.) And over and over again I have people tell me, through tears, at the end of their session that I pushed them off the fence. I then give them a fist bump. I love helping people believe.

It really comes down to this.

It is up to you how you choose to live your life. It is not a mediums job to do your inner work for you. It is the mediums job to point you in the right direction. Pointing you to connection, faith, hope and love.

Being a believer.

I believe we are all spirit first, human second. We are only here in the physical body for a passing moment. To learn lessons, help the planet heal and remember where we came from. You get to choose how you want to experience life while you're here. I hope you will choose to believe. Life is so much better when you do.


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