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1 Corinthians 13:1

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.

Yes, the stars have to align for the right person to cross your path, but the most beautiful part is that you love yourself enough, to be fully embraced in love, for someone to really see you, like no doubt, see you. See you so clear that there is nothing about yourself you can hide even if you wanted to. Not that you want to. That's the thing. Finding someone to love at the point where you have already done all the tough work to love yourself and accept who you are and who you aren't and who you might never be is the real love story. It's the place where you say, this is me. I would love it if you loved me for me, but that's your choice. You see it's all about choices, it always was, the choice to stay and love, the choice to run and hide out, the choice to be fully seen or to not be fully seen.

The real clincher is the right one would have loved you all along before you even walked down the path to figure it all out, but maybe you just weren't ready to be loved that way. The way where you put it all on the line, that one person who would do anything for you, hold you when you cry, be "in it" with you even when they don't have to be, who looks right into your eyes and instead of seeing your eyes, touches your soul. That's not an easy love. It challenges you, shakes you awake, makes you remember your mortal and this experience is as much for them as it is for you. To deny them love would be to deny yourself love. To walk away would hurt you both. Plus falling in love with yourself first was way too important of a task to let things occur in any other order.

Waiting for love at the right time, right place in your life and with the right person is knowing everything will come together when it's meant to. In God's time. Not a moment too soon or a moment too late. When you're faced with impatience or doubt, keep moving forward knowing a promise has been made. You'll have it. Just look for it, be open to it and even when you're closed off to love, remember life is fleeting and maybe the person in front of you has something amazing to offer and sometimes you'll be surprised on how you just stumble right into it. There is always a plan. When it's the right one you'll be delighted and surprised by the mystery of it all. Wait for something extraordinary, it's out there, and it will find you when the time is right. You won't have to go searching, you'll just have to be you. The real you. 'The one' will love you when you're the real you. The beautiful parts of you and the other parts too. The parts of you who aches inside for connection, who wakes up in the middle of the night sometimes in a panic that you won't be able to accomplish everything you want to in this life, the piece of you that is searching for your purpose. That's the same you who lights up the room when you walk into it, laughs when you are being silly, encourages your person to follow their heart. It's all you. Find the person who lays down under the stars with you because you ask them to and knows even with the all the hard parts of life there is far more beauty that exists in the world even when it feels dark. Look for the one who's hand you want to hold until the day you die. Wait for that kind of love. Go for that kind of love.

The kind that's unconditional and freely given. Find the one who is also at a place where loving someone fully, completely and without reservation is the only thing that means anything. You don't have to do anything, say anything, or look a certain way. The essence of who you are is all that matters. Find someone at a low point in your life and see what real love is. Have them find you in your battle scars, and not run the other way. That's love. Staying, living, evolving, rising, falling together - that's the way we should each be loved. All of it. All in. Find someone who heals your scars instead of creating more. Find someone who feels familiar because they are. Find someone who you just want to slow life down to a crawl with instead of rushing through it like you're used to, where time becomes more precious than ever. Find someone who even when you feel weak, broken and busted brings you back to the truth of who you are, your magnificence, your divinity, your worthiness. Find someone who will be romantic with you, who isn't afraid of real intimacy, who overcomes their fears just to be with you. Someone who feels like home. Find someone who will appreciate your flaws, your stories. Find someone who helps you see your successes, understands your trials, witnesses your beauty. Someone who embraces your rawness, your distraughtness, your aliveness. Someone who doesn't tame the wild woman inside of you but instead runs wild with you. Wait for the one God has for you.


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