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Be Authentically, Wonderfully You

Remember who God made you to be.

As we go down our path there will always be fear. Plenty of reasons not to put our real selves on display. Maybe it's uncomfortable. Maybe it requires vulnerability. Maybe you'll be judged. Do it anyway.

Your life is your journey.

We are all made of light. God's love lives inside each of us. It's up to us to choose it. God loves the way He made you. He made you perfect. Honor His work and be you.

You are a miracle. Only you can accomplish the work God has given you to do. Don't give your power away to anything that seeks to diminish you. Stand tall in who you are.

We all come from the same place. Our job is to remember who we were before we came here. Authenticity comes with practice not by chance. There's no better feeling in the world than knowing who you are and then living in your truth. It doesn't matter who others think you should be. It only matters who you know you are. Part of living an authentic life is not worrying about what anyone else thinks. This is your life. Live it the way you choose. This is between you and God anyway.


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